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Traditional water filters require you to repeatedly wait til your pure water chamber is empty before adding new water to avoid flooding your counter, then wait again for the water you just added to filter down...until now 


Oasis by Wellspring seals your filter's lower chamber allowing the lower chamber to be continually filled without flooding your counters and connects to an outside water source such as a 55 gallon barrel, a 5 gallon bucket, a large water storage tank or even to a culinary water line.  Instead of waiting for hours a day, you will never have to wait for water again!

Waiting for your water to filter?   When emergency strikes, you are wise to get a gravity water filter which is critical to survival, but having to wait for water to filter demands a great deal of your time and effort.  Being required to always watch until the pure water is gone before refilling,  then manually fill the upper chamber, only to have to wait for hours for the water to filter down or risk flooding your counter with water compounds the demands of your attention to your water system.  


Wait no more...


Oasis by Wellspring pure is a control system that can be installed in minutes and connects your filter to an on or off-grid water source and keeps it filled while freeing you up to deal with the other things that are calling for your attention.

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